To stockpot or not….

First of all, for FOREVER I didn’t know what a stockpot was. Actually, I just recently figured it out. Long story short, I really struggled with this for the last few months. I was always using my le creuset dutch oven as my stockpot. It wasn’t an issue until I needed to make 10lbs of potatoes, and there was no way in hell those suckers were going to fit in my dutch oven (which I love dearly).

My wonderful friend and I stumbled across a huge sale. I bought a couple of things, and she bought a beautiful le creuset palm stockpot. She got a hell of a deal. I regret not getting one then, and I have since purchased mine in flame (picture shown). 0006_stockpot_flame 2

I love the stock pot for many reasons:

  • Fits 10 lbs of potatoes
  • Faster at boiling liquids
  • Good for steaming stuff (I just put my strainer at the top and it’s perfect)
  • Never have overflow liquids
  • Lighter than my dutch oven

When I still use my dutch oven:

  • Making soup with a recipe makes 2 – 4 servings
  • Soups that have a long cook time and that I will be eating later, it keeps the heat longer

Ultimately, I think it’s a staple pot to have in your kitchen. What’s your stock pot of choice? What do you use your stock pot for that I can try?