Homemade mayonnaise… Piqued your interest, read on!

When I started #Whole30 (but really #whole60) back on July 1st 2015, the first word of advice I got was that if I made all of the sauces in the world, I would be okay. I totally took that to heart and decided to make 3 sauces: mayonnaise, caesar dressing, and a lemoney-chive sauce. I got all of the recipe info from this page of Whole30, and I am pretty certain I will be making my own mayo for the rest of my life!

Here is the thing; I assumed making mayo would be hard and messy. The first few times it was a little messy, but now I can whip up a batch during a TV commercial break! It stays good for about 2 – 3 weeks, depending on fresh your eggs are. The mayo expires when your eggs expire; which is usually more than the 3 weeks. You will notice at some point that the mayo starts to separate, and will have an almost buttery texture with oil on top. This is different from what you are probably familiar with with store bought mayo, fluffy fat.IMG_9870.JPG

I recommend watching this video to get started. You only need 4 ingredients, though I still like playing around with it every now and then. I’ve listed my notes on what I found best below. This receipt is for one batch – but I usually make a double batch every time (just double!). One batch yields about 1 1/2 cups of mayo.


  • Eggs

    • If you use organic eggs, the really yellow yolks will make your mayo appear less white. I use an organic, free range egg that has a bit lighter yolk colour and it works out fine.

  • Mustard Powder

    • This is really important! I used a crappy mustard powder first, and it was ok. But then I switched to a premium one, and the taste got significantly better and more delicious!

  • Salt

    • Nothing special here – just use salt.

  • Light Olive Oil

    • This is the MAIN determinant of taste. Do not use extra virgin oil or you will die. Not literally of course, but your mayo turns out super gross. Of course if you like gross, go ahead. I use Bertolli Light Olive Oil and I effin love it. Get it!


Follow the directions perfectly. You can use a blender, but because I liked doing double batches I used my food processor; which is also easier to clean!

From there – you can go forth and make ALL the sauces in the world!