Knives: a cut above

IMG_2865Short and sweet here. I never had trouble dropping money on le creuset pots and pans. But for some reason, a knife just seemed like unreal cost in proportion to the size, weight, and honestly the color.

I had quickly bought into the cast iron method of pots and pans for a couple reasons: my mom had them; they were pretty; and they were high-end. The only other cookware I have is circa 2001 Canadian Tire. They don’t even look red anymore.

But knives, I bought cheaper knives all the time. Costco has these funky colored ones (yes, colored) and I bought two sets. Whenever I was at a grocery store and found a knife in another color (yes color) I would get that too. In reality, I had spent a lot on low-end knives, I just had a hard time swallowing the pill when it came to the high-end kind.

I also didn’t know much about them. I googled, asked around, and ultimately, I wanted the good quality knives. I just still didn’t want to put the cash down it would require. So I put them on my Christmas list and prayed that my husband paid attention to my not-so-passive-aggressive comments on Facebook. With a small nudge, I got them for Christmas! (That picture is me holding 1 right beside the tree).

Now that I have been using them, I would definitely spend the money myself because cooking is INSANELY better with good knives. If you’re wondering, I got Wusthof ones, and been very happy. I will likely just add two more knives to my collection and be done.