About me

I’m a simple girl, I mean woman, who didn’t learn to cook at a young age. I got heavy and unhealthy and decided I had all the control I need, I just needed to choose to fuel my body, not treat it like a garbage can. I’m not skinny (yet), but I am not looking for a quick fix. It took me a couple decades to gain the weight, so I am content at it coming off as slowly as it needs.

Food aside, I have taken up running, in 2015 I ran 10 races, and that really helped me stay motivated and feel improvements. I am slow as #*%@, but that’s okay. I don’t like that saying “it doesn’t matter because your lapping the people on the couch.” Some of those people can still out run me. Trust me.

I have a fabulous husband who will pretty much eat everything I put in front of him. He never complains, unless there are bones in the fish. However, therefore I self critic my own cooking, which is very very hard.

Spices are still weird to me. They all look similar and I don’t deviate very much from any recipe. Maybe just with garlic, but thats it! My ultimate goal with this journey is that I can come home, look in the fridge and whip something up. I am able to go to the grocery store and pick up fresh veggies, fruit and meat and not be missing stuff. That I feel confident that the food I make tastes good AND that it’s super nutritious. I have been primarily eating #whole30, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love all kinds of food.

Hope you enjoy my opinion and my few food obsessions.

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