The art & science of meal planning

As I continue to get more intuitive with making food and food planning, I found making a plan weekly helpful for a couple of reasons. The first is it takes away any anxiety, especially if you are trying to follow some rules, dietary restrictions, or something along those lines. Secondly, it creates a safety net for when life happens, you will no longer need to respond by driving to your favourite fast-food joint because you didn’t anticipate (fill in your situation here). Next, it creates accountability. Also, a food plan helps with making a grocery list too, I call that a double win. Lastly, it becomes easier week after week.



I know that anxiety comes in different forms for different people, for me in comes in making food and grocery shopping. I get overwhelmed and have a hard time thinking in grocery stores. So making a plan in the comfort of my pjs and on pretty paper at home, makes this fun but also creative. I am currently following #whole30 for a 60 day period, and making a plan makes it easy for me not to fall off, per say.

Safety net

I make a plan weekly, and I rarely follow it to the letter, but its 100% a safety net. For example, last week one evening ran late, and the meal I was planning on making takes a while, so I swapped two day on my meal plan and viola, I felt like a pro. Also, I build in contingency plans for snacks, lunches, and cravings, so that I never feel like I am not satisfied.


Accountability is an odd one when it comes to food and eating. Most people don’t have this issue, but I do. For most people (including me) you really need an accountability partner to go to the gym, or run, or some other fitness thing. I haven’t found a person out there asking for an accountability partner on cooking (if you are out there – lets chat!). As a result, I found I had to find a way to hold myself accountable. I put the meal plan on the fridge weekly for myself and my husband.

Grocery Lists

Back the anxiety part of this blog, grocery stores are definitely scary to me. I have come a long way, but they are not always the same, some have certain food and set up, and I sometimes run around trying to find capers. Capers in particular are sometimes in three different sections; canned vegetables, pickles/salad dressings and sometimes with fresh vegetables. Back the issue at hand, I also have a pretty note pad on my fridge that I use for groceries too – I fill it as I go (as seen in the image attached). I have two tips: first always bring a pen with you and second have it be a different colour.


I recently started to save my weekly food plans because I can recall an easy recipe or remember I wanted to add something to the same meal and make it different. It becomes easier to have “staple” meals and “experimental” meals or parts of meals.
As a side note, this week I will be trying to roast a sweet potato (or yam) differently and figure out what to do with an eggplant.
If you are considering on benefiting from meal planning as I described above, I do recommend using “Knock Knock” list pads, I found mine at Indigo. #nocommissions #honestopinion

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